Hair Extensions at keri gold salon

Are you ready for hair extensions that are uniquely designed to lay completely seamless and undetectable in your hair?

Whether you desire additional length, thickness, or want to add highlights to your existing hair color, this simple, affordable modern luxury will have you walking out of Keri Gold Salon’s doors feeling like a million bucks.

We offer several hair extension options, but by far our most popular are the tape-in extensions. Our stylists Gina and Tigi apply adhesive hair extensions using an easy and safe method, reducing damage to your own natural hair.

We only install 100% human Remy hair that has the cuticle intact, which allows the hair to be reinstalled several times, while still looking and feeling amazing and maximizing your investment. If you're ready, book your appointment now, or keep reading to learn more!

How Do the Tape-In Hair Extensions Work?

Adhesive weft tape-in hair extensions are installed by gathering individual strands of cuticle intact human Remy hair in small sections and secured at the top of the weft with adhesive tape. This adhesive tape is fixed to both sides of small sections of your natural hair.

These thin hair extension wefts don’t need any heat application, no sewing, and with no need for tools, you can have fabulous hair in less than an hour! What’s more, tape-in hair extensions have been developed and designed to sit flat to the head for an undetectable, flawless finish.

Can You Re-Use Tape-In Hair Extensions?

Yes, with proper care and regular maintenance appointments your tape-in hair extensions will last on average 5-8 months. Maintenance appointments must be scheduled every 6 weeks to reapply the hair professionally to minimize damage.

How Much Are Tape-In Hair Extensions?

Prices for tape-in extensions at Keri Gold Salon are $150 per hour for the initial cost of the hair and the first application appointment, as well as the maintenance appointments and reapplication. Length of time needed for further maintenance appointments will depend on the thickness of your hair and amount of tape-in hair extensions originally applied.

Additional services with hair extensions include extension removal, preparing the client’s hair, extension cutting, professional shampoo, and extension styling. Book your appointment today!