How to Identify the Poor – Quality Nail Gel Polish Kit?

The use of color gel nail polish will more or less affect the health and structure of women’s nails. If you are a beauty lover and love to do nails, then the best way is to choose non-toxic gel nail polishes that will improve the health and well-being of your nails if you do your nails and like to change your nail set’s colors regularly. Let’s find out how to choose the best gel polish kit through this article.

How to Identify the Poor – Quality Nail Gel Polish Kit

How to Recognize Toxic Gel Nail Polish Color

According to recent research, the gel nails polish that are floating around the market nowadays contain many harmful substances that threaten consumers’ health, but many people still make mistakes and still choose to buy these poor – quality product lines. With that amount, it is possible that you do not know how harmful poor – quality nail gel polish can be and you are attracted by their attractive advertisements or extremely low prices!

When choosing to buy color gel nail polish, you need to be careful about paying attention to the ingredients in the gel nail polish color and above all, you need to choose a reputable supplier to get the best gel polish kit. In the composition of commonly used toxic gel nail polish contains chemicals that are contraindicated for weak and damaged nails, and their use will make your nails increasingly weak and heavily stained. In addition, their ingredients also contain strong detergents that cause nail erosion during the gel nail polish removal process, which is extremely toxic to the health of women.

Some of the Harmful Chemicals in Poor Quality Gel Nail Polish


Color retention agent in gel polish colors. It is one of the extremely toxic organic solvents. Benzene is very volatile and is immediately absorbed through the respiratory tract, accumulating in the liver, spinal cord and fat cells. Inhaling benzene will make you feel dizzy, tired, not alert… The nail technician that uses the toxic gel nail polish colors regularly, it is easy to inhale benzene continuously and in the long term, there will be symptoms such as a lack of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and cause leukemia…


May cause addiction if inhaled heavily. Toluene is toxic to every cell in the brain, liver, and kidneys right after inhalation.


Found in nail polish removers. Use this substance to remove the old nail polish color, making your nails brittle, fibrous… Accidentally sticking to Acetone can cause itching for sensitive skin. Regularly inhaling Acetone will be very harmful to the lungs, you will have symptoms like being intoxicated.

How to Identify Poor Quality Nail Polish Bottles?

The Poor – Quality Gel Nail Polish Color Bottle Often Have the Following Characteristics

The labels are not clear, poor quality printing and easy to peel off. Brand names copied from big brands in the market. The bottle cap closes loosely. No anti-counterfeiting stamps.

The Best Gel Polish Kit for Girls

All girls want to look outstanding and graceful with eye-catching, trendy nail sets. However, when choosing gel color nail polish for beauty, you also need to pay attention to these things to buy quality nail gel polish bottles, ensuring the health of yourself and your family. LDS healthy gel color will be the best gel polish kit for girls to do lots of wonderful nail sets.

LDS healthy gel colors is a gel nail polish that is refined from organic substances, does not cause unpleasant odors, and is very safe for health. You can safely use it without fear of damaging your nails. High quality LDS gel color nail polish products with affordable prices. This is a reputable and very popular nail polish brand, it can also be used by children. In addition, pregnant women can also use it.

Natural ingredients with a special formula make nails stronger and stronger, and do not cause yellowing. LDS gel color nail polish has a variety of colors and fashions for women to choose from. Compact design, convenient to carry. It has a large brush to make it easy to use with high coverage and rich color.

Final Thought

Be careful to identify the fake and poor – quality polish gel bottles based on the tips that we provide. Also, choose for yourself the best gel polish kit, you can do your own nails whenever you want.