How to Mix Gelixir Nail Polish and Come up with Exciting Combos

Wearing the same red, blue, or green shades day in and day out can seem monotonous. It would be a lovely idea to mix different colors and come with an excellent combination to catch and hold everyone’s attention at the party. These tips should help you understand the different combos and encourage you to experiment with them.

How to Mix Gelixir Nail Polish and Come up with Exciting Combos

Tips to Mix Gelixir Nail Polish

Selection is crucial

When you wish to experiment and create a color combo, it is advisable to mix two colors only because more colors can make the combo look muddy. Besides, please use the same base type, such as matte, sheer, glitter, or opaque.

The best way to start is to have the Gelixir color chart in front of you to guide you in choosing the best combinations. If you wish to create a purple finish, it is better to mix the red and blue colors.

One should note that like colors mix well. For instance, you can achieve a lighter pink shade if you mix a darker hue with white. Similarly, a combo of dark orange and yellow gives you a lighter orange shade.

Another significant point to note is that you should avoid mixing colors of different brands because they do not gel well.

Choose a suitable surface

A plastic palette or a paper plate should be the ideal surface for mixing nail polish. It is better to avoid Styrofoam as nail polish can damage the surface and make holes in it. Placing a newspaper under the palette prevents the nail polish from spilling over to the ground and spoiling your workplace.

Apply the polish to the mixing surface

Choose your favorite color and dab a drop of paint on the palette using a nail polish painting brush. It is better to have around eight to ten drops of Gelixir nail polish on the surface. Open the other bottle and repeat the procedure. You can start with smaller quantities if you are unsure of the mixture. It helps to save nail polish.

Mix the polishes well

You can use a toothpick to drag both the colors together and mix them gradually. Keep watching and mixing until you reach the perfect shade you want. The beauty of mixing two colors is that you get different shades of the combo you want. You can note down the quantity of paint you used to help you prepare the mixture again.

Adjust the color shades

An advantage of mixing two colors is that you can adjust the shades whenever you want. If you like a darker hue, you can add a few more drops of the darker color. Adding a few drops of the lighter dye will give you a lighter shade. You can also try adding a drop of white polish to lighten the mix. Similarly, adding a tiny drop of black Gelixir polish can make the tone darker.

Remember to clean your nail polish brush well

Use cotton soaked in nail polish remover solution to clean the bristles. Otherwise, you can end up contaminating the colors and thus not get the desired mix. When applying nail polish to your nails, use the darker color’s nail polish brush as there are fewer chances of color contamination.

Paint your nails with the color combo

It is advisable to mix the colors only when you are ready to apply the nail polish immediately. The color mix can harden and become unusable if you leave the mixture unused for too long. You can use the combination in the same way you apply your regular nail polish. A layer of topcoat is essential to impart the necessary shine.

How to a multiple-color nail polish

Here are some alternate options you can use to achieve a multiple-color nail polish.

Sponge painting

Sponge painting

Instead of mixing two colors and arriving at a new combo, you can paint multiple colors on a makeup sponge and place it on your nails to get the desired design. You should ensure to clean the sides and nail edges because the chances of nail polish spilling over are higher.

Use a cello tape

Use a cello tape

If you want a unique color mix on your nails, you can stick a cello tape on your nails halfway through. If you wish to have a blue-red combo, you can apply the blue paint first and stick a cello tape before using the red shade. On removing the tape, you get an attractive blue-red combo on your nails.

Marbling your nails

Marbling your nails

Take an empty Gelixir nail polish bottle and add the colors you want one after the other without shaking the bottle. Now, you can dip the brush into the Gelixir polish bottle and apply the paint as you do regularly. You get a marbled effect. However, this technique needs practicing a lot

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