Explain It To Me: Foods That Cause Hair Loss


Hair loss is probably one of the biggest concerns of both genders when you hit the ripe age of 35. It is something that products are constantly boasting the can help protect you from, treatments are always readily available, and miracle drugs are proclaimed to be able to do the trick. What most people don’t realize is that your hair loss can also be linked to damaging your skin and nails. Here are 4 different food items you should considering limiting if you are experiencing hair loss to help give you fuller, stronger skin, nails, and hair!

1.     Alcohol

We aren’t saying you should stop the occasional drink, but overdrinking or excessive drinking can damage your body and cause you to lose the vital fluids and nutrients you have. Excessive drinking also dehydrates you which damages your hair making it brittle and weak.

2.     Sugar

According to Feed Your Face, by dermatologist Jessica Wu, M.D., sugar will cause insulin to be created in response to the rise of blood sugar which correlates to the rise of androgen in your system. This hormone, which is mostly found in men, will make your hair follicles shrink creating hair loss.

3.     Vitamin A 

Vitamins are never a bad thing, but some should be closely watched and not taken in large amounts. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, too much vitamin A can cause hair less. If you are having to take medicine rich in vitamin A, try taking fish oil supplements or biotin to help balance it out.

4.     Milk

Milk contains a testosterone known for impacting the health of our skin and causing acne to appear in both men and women. To see the level of impact milk has on your skin and hair, try toning back how much dairy you are consuming and note the results. You will see your skin become clearer and you can take a step back from your skin care regiment.