OPI Gel and Nail Lacquer Reviews

Gel lacquer refers to a nail care alternative that is slightly different from the regular nail Polish. It is because they do not require UV light in drying or curing, which makes them brighter. Also, their coating is more resilient than that of regular nail polish.

With regular nail polish, you have to wait more than 10 minutes to dry your nails, and you don’t ruin your beautiful fingers. However, this isn’t so with gel lacquer or gel nail polish.¬† It dries quickly and lasts long. Wearing beautiful nail polish colors exudes confidence, and class.

On the other hand, Nail lacquer originated from ”Lacre”, a French word which means a sealing wax. Nail lacquer refers to a kind of varnish or nail polish that dries off very fast when applied. It gives a shiny, glossy, and classy look to the fingernails and toenails. Nail lacquer gives a thick coating; thus, it strengthens the nails. They are chip resistant and durable, making them the top choice by most stylists.

There are many nail polish brands available, but when you talk of a nail care brand that offers quality and uniqueness, OPI is the one for you. OPI is a renowned nail and beauty brand with lots of fabulous products to its name. One of such is the OPI gel and lacquer combo.

They have individual gel lacquer and nail lacquer, but this product is fantastic and outstanding. They are highly pigmented and create a chip-resistant finish to your nails, making a bold statement. It gives as long as three weeks intense shine, and does not wear quickly. It is your best option for a professional manicure look and healthy, long-lasting manicure with a glossy finish.

OPI doesn’t chip, fade, or peel. Dazzle with this unique lacquer combo and step out confidently. Step up your nail game with this nail care product. The OPI gelr lacquer¬† combo are available in various sizzling shades and colors.

This product is an advanced gel nail polish formula with instant dry technology that leaves no streaks or wastes time. It guarantees high performance and is used by professional nail technicians.

You can try various nail polish products at home; however, this gel and nail lacquer is best used by professionals at nail salons. Are you a nail technician seeking to make a statement for your clients? Try OPI gel lacquer, and you’ll be glad you did. It offers fancy and attractive manicures, as well as durable nails. You can’t go wrong with the various colors available, either.

Application of Opi Gel and Nail Lacquer

  • The first step to take when you want to apply OPI gel is to remove the last polish on your nails and keep it neat.
  • Next, trim your nails if need be, and shape using a file. Choose your best nail shape and file it to that.
  • Push back your cuticles, or trim them. Your nails should be buffed and clean. Then you wash your hands.
  • Apply nail primer such as OPI Bond Aid to your nails. It makes the surface of your natural nails achieve the right pH and allows for excellent adhesion. Bonding base coat is then applied. It offers lasting coverage on the nails.
  • Cure the nails under an LED light. The lacquer coats and the curing time differ until you apply the top coat and cure again.
  • Wipe off the nails with an alcohol wipe. You can also get a massage of your hands and wrist.

Why do Nail care Professionals love OPI Gel & Nail lacquer?

Now you’ve learned the application of this OPI nail lacquer. What are the benefits of using it, and why do Nail care professionals always choose this nail care alternative?

  1. It provides Up to 3 Weeks of Glossy and Shiny finish

Indeed OPI can last as long as three weeks. If you are always on the move or you have an outing planned, and you can’t make it to the salon within this period, this gel and nail lacquer is what you need. You don’t have to worry about dulling or fading of your nails. The effect of this gel polish is ten times more than regular polish. Although it doesn’t cost much, you’ll get the value for all your money.

  1. It offers more shine and is chip-resistant

You can relate to how annoying it is to get your manicure done, and when you step out, it chips. This product is chip-resistant. It offers lasting shine and wear, but should be appropriately applied. If it is not applied well, you may need to take a trip to the nail salon again. You can carry your glossy nails for up to 3 weeks and have it looking as good as when you just did it.

  1. Takes 30 Seconds to Strengthen & Shine

This nail care product not only offers fewer visits to the salon, but it also makes the manicure procedure faster. It dries within 30 seconds under LED light for each coat. What this implies is that you can go about your business in no time without your nails smudging. Removal is also effortless as it requires 15 minutes of soaking time, and you’re good to go.


You can’t help but love this unique OPI gel and nail lacquer combo. It is the real deal. Everything about it is incredible. When next you’re visiting your nail salon, ask them to apply this product for you. You’ll love it!