Niajah Bennett

"I always loved the idea of not being what people expect me to be." | Dita Von Teese

Niajah's mission in life is to spread happiness! The world can sometimes be an unfair and sad place and she believes - every smile counts towards it becoming better and brighter. In addition to doling out the smiles, Niajah considers an important part of her responsibility as a stylist is to lavish her clients with attention. After all, this is their time out and they deserve to feel special.

Growing up, Niajah watched her grandmother every morning get ready for her job at Neiman Marcus. First her Grandmother would fix her hair, then her make-up. "It was like a magic trick," says Niajah. "Her mood changed and she was confident and cheerful, ready to face her day." Niajah wants to cast this spell, too, and help ready her clients for anything!

Niajah first set herself on her dream-path to becoming a stylist by volunteering to do hair and make-up for her high-school stage productions. Next, she studied at the Aveda Institute. Now, she wakes up every morning eager to go to her own job at Keri Gold Salon.

Things that makes Niajah happy: her daily affirmations and her glitter!



Fun Facts About Niajah:

Worst hair day ever: I was 18 I bleached my hair with 40 volume developer for two hours. and it all fell out!

If you could have anyone’s hair: Lady Godiva's!

Take a week’s vacation anywhere in the world: I would go back to Rome. I fell in love with Rome, the art, the culture and the food.

Reading now: Eat Pretty: Nutrition for Beauty, Inside and Out by Jolene Hart.

Words used by her colleagues to describe Niajah: playful | inquisitive | intelligent | hard worker | respectful | joyous.