Felicia Laleh

Felicia wants to help people feel beautiful and confident, this is her main aim with all her clients. She knew she wanted to be a hair stylist when she was just 10 years-old, playing hairdressers with her cousin. She loved the way it felt to have her hands in someone's hair.

Felicia took the first step to making her childhood dream come true by attending the Aveda Institute.  She is now considered one of Keri Gold's rising stars! One of the things that makes Felicia good at what she does is her ability to listen, and to step into someone else's shoes in order to see a problem from their perspective.  

Something that makes Felicia happy: being with her dog, Bella - a sweet Siberian Husky who thinks she's a Yorkie!

Fun Facts About Felicia:

Worst hair day ever: this is only with hindsight (I thought it was cool at the time), when I bleached my hair blonde and the roots were yellow! 

If you could have anyone’s hair: anyone with big, healthy, curly hair!

Take a week’s vacation anywhere in the world: the Dominican Republic; it's tropical, by the water, and I can get a tan.

Reading now: The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.

Words used by her colleagues to describe Felicia: delightful | responsible | nurturing.