Kym Campbell

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." | Franklin D. Roosevelt

Kym knew she wanted to be a beauty consultant when she was just eight years-old. She watched her mother, who was very particular about her own appearance, then practiced the same amount of care grooming her dolls. When she outgrew her dolls, Kym immersed herself in beauty magazines like Essence, Elle and Vogue. Recognizing her daughter's talent and dedication Kym's mother encouraged Kym to follow her dreams. And so she did! Kym went on to study cosmetology, she apprenticed under a number of established beauty professionals, and today she's an experienced member of the Keri Gold Salon hair and beauty team. That said, Kym maintains one of the things that makes her a good at her job is she remains teachable - she stays up to date with the latest developments in hair and beauty, and open to learning the many lessons life has to teach.

People come to the salon to polish and preserve their physical-selves, but Kym believes these visits also help people feel good about their inner-selves. She's certain when you look your best, you're more apt to feel and act your best; this is what she loves most about her work - she gets to bless someone's day by making them feel positive about themselves and their lives. This bring her great joy.

Other blessings that bring Kym great joy - her garden, her dog, and her family, especially her children who remind her every day how to be excited about life and give love unconditionally.  

Fun Facts about Kym:
Worst hair day ever: there were many as a teenager!

If you could have anyone’s hair: Iman's.

Take a week’s vacation anywhere in the world: I would spend time near a waterfall or mountain top on the Fiji islands or a beach in the Bahamas.

Reading now: The Herb Bible: A Complete Guide to Growing & Using Herbs by Jennie Harding, The Beauty of Color by Iman, Eating for Beauty by David Wolfe.

Words used to describe Kym: loving | hard-working | loyal.