Take Advantage of the Opportunities!

How do you approach the opportunities that come your way? Do you boldly charge in, or do you tiptoe into the new scenario? Taking advantage of opportunities can often be scary because there’s a degree of uncertainty that may make us uncomfortable. But without that discomfort it may be difficult for us to grow into our best selves, or at least take control of our destiny. Don’t let the fear of failure make you shy away from living out your dreams! 

Here at Keri Gold Salon we want you to take full advantage of every opportunity to be your best, most authentic self, and being your best often involves looking your best! With that in mind, we hope you enjoy one of our biggest product sales to date: 10% off the first product, 15% off the second product, and 20% off the third product. Just ask our front desk receptionist about the deal to redeem the offer! Offer ends June 30th.