Protecting Your Hair in the Winter


Winter weather can be the worst for your hair. The rain, snow, sleet, cold air, and if you live in Georgia… you just might experience temperatures one week that are freezing and the next week we are in the 70’s. We have compiled a few tips and tricks to help you maintain healthy strong hair for this winter. Feel free to try them out and let us know your thoughts or your own special tricks you use! 

1.    Wash Your Hair Less

Protect your hair in the winter!

Protect your hair in the winter!

Using shampoo does wash away the dirt and sweat from your hair, but it also strips your hair of natural oil and moisturizers on your scalp. It is mostly recommended that you only wash your hair twice a week, but can use conditioner to help put more shine and silkiness into your hair. On the days you are not washing your hair, stick to just rinsing it out or use a dry shampoo if your hair is too oily.

2.    Don’t Go Too Hot in the Shower

Hot showers feel so freaking good on these cold mornings but use sparingly. The hot water is known to dry out your skin even more and make your hair dry after it dries out. Turn down the heat just a bit in the shower and stick to nice warm water instead of scalding hot. 

3.    Use Oils to Bring Your Hair Back to Normal

Hats, harsh wind, cold bitter rain, and all things cold can damage your hair over time and even irritate your scalp if it is sensitive. One easy way to recover your hair is by applying oil to your hair and scalp then leave it on for a few hours. You can either use specialized products or regular oil from the store. My personal favorite just happens to be coconut oil. After leaving it in your hair for an hour or two wash out with shampoo. Don’t be concerned if there is leftover oil in your hair, it will continue to work magic and protect you over the cold winter.

4.    Humidifiers are a Lifesaver

Yes, we get it. Humidity equals frizzy hair, but when you have the heat on all winter long it dries out the air in your house. Investing in a humidifier is one way to put moister back into the air. This will keep your skin and hair from getting dried out while you are staying warm.