How to Prevent Thinning Hair


Lots of women and men struggle with thinning hair as they get older. Some of us even struggle with it when hitting our 20’s. With so much knowledge and research being done, surely there have to be known ways to help stop thinning hair without losing an arm and a leg? Ladies and gentlemen, pay close attention as we walk you through five things you can do to help prevent your hair from thinning out and make it stronger than ever.

1.    Fish

Your hair is comprised of minerals, vitamins, and protein. One of the best ways to keep it healthy, strong, and stop it from thinning is to have complete meals which provide these elements. Try adding fish into your diet on a consistent basis to help put these needed nutrients back into your body.

2.    Scalp Massage

Love the feeling of someone massaging your scalp? Well, try doing it to yourself more or having that significant other in your life give you more head rubs. This has shown to increase blood flow to the scalp which helps to aid in the growth and health of your hair. Also, doing this more in the shower with any shampoo you use will also help the penetration of the shampoo.



3. Styling

Heat has never been a friend of hair. Start taking note of how much you are using hot tools to help style your hair and what products you are putting in it. Try changing up your style for a month and forgo using a straightener or curling iron.

4.    Stress Relief

Finding ways to alleviate stress is going to be one of the best things you can do for your overall health, but also for your thinning hair. During stressful times, such as a job change, divorce, or moving, your hair growth will change and you will start to notice differences in your hair's thickness. Looking to relieve constant stress? Try breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, working out, or reading a book. Find what helps you relax and spend time every day doing it.


5.    Vitamin D

Lower than normal levels of iron and vitamin D2 have been shown to be closely linked with women who are experiencing hair loss. Swing by your local store and pick up a container of vitamin D and start taking it daily to see what changes it makes to your hair.