Summer Skin Tips from Laurel

Your SKIN is most beautiful in the summer time when it’s healthy.

Here's our pick at Keri Gold Salon for the coolest treat for your skin this summer, The HydroFacial.

The sun's heat can be so intense that the sun's rays have an effect on our skin despite sunblocks.

To be rewarded with a GLOWing complexion we all need to allow for a daily skincare routine.

To do this it would include a daily and weekly spot lightening serum or daily brightening night cream, which can go a long way in combating sun spots and hyper-pigmentation.

Another indulgent way to reverse the damage from the sun is to be regular with your Spa appointments.

The Hydro facial (water, moisture and protein peptides) treats your skin to natural peptides and anti-oxidants that can also soothe, purify and rejuvenate your skin.
You can now have a summer GLOW.