Taking Care of Your Hair: Pool Edition


We all struggle with keeping our hair healthy during the summer, especially if we spend a lot of time by the pool with family, friends, and kids (if you have any). The heat from the sun, chemicals from the pool, and our hair constantly getting tangled. Now, this goes for guys as well as the ladies! To maintain your hair’s health through the entire summer, follow some of these simple tips and tricks while in and out of the pool.

1. Wet Your Hair Beforehand

This may seem like the last thing you would want to do before heading to the pool, but it can be the best protection for your hair! Wetting your hair beforehand helps to keep your hair from absorbing the harsh chemicals that exist in the pool. You were planning to jump in anyways, might as well get something wet!

2. Have Long Hair? Braid It!

Is your hair tangled 24/7 during the summer? Keep it in braids or up to help stop the madness! Especially if you are planning to jump into the water, this is one of the best ways to help your hair stay tangled free and protected. Not to mention all those stylish braids you can rock at the pool.

Image Source: Seventeen

Image Source: Seventeen

3    Moisturize While at the Pool

To keep your hair from drying out in the sun, keep a spray bottle with one part oil (avocado or coconut are preferred) and four parts water. Every time you reapply sunscreen, just grab your bottle and spray your hair down to keep it moisturized. Over time, you will see your hair won’t be as dry as your friends.

4. Condition Afterwards

Once you are done with pool or laying out in the sun, hit the shower and add conditioner to your hair to help the recovery process. Make sure you stay away from actually washing your hair because it will dry your hair out even more. 

5. Stay Away from the Brush

Drop the brush and go with a wide tooth comb instead! It helps to separate all those hairs easily and keeps the frizz down in the end. Plus, you don’t run the risk of your brush getting stuck in your hair with a nasty knot.