4 Foods to Prevent Split Ends


Let’s face it, we all struggle with split ends. From the everyday women to the rocking man bun. If you start to grow your hair out to any length, you will fight the battle of keeping your hair healthy and working to keep those nasty split ends at bay. Most of us use products in our daily routine to help support strong, silky, healthy hair. To help you maintain your hair, try these natural foods chock-full of just the right nutrients or minerals to keep your hair healthy and strong.


This food is high in Zinc which can stop those itchy scalp problems, hair loss, and even eyelash loss! Many of us do not get enough zinc in our daily diet which ends up causing hair damage over time because of the lack of this particular mineral getting into our system.



You have probably already guess why salmon is on the list of foods you should start eating more to prevent split ends. Salmon has a high count of Omega-3 which helps your hair remain shiny and silky. Try adding this fish, or other high-fatty fish, to your week. This should be an excuse for going out on that sushi date you've been promising.


This magical veggie is chock-full of so many natural nutrients for our body, but the one in particular for your hair is the Iron. This mineral makes it possible for red blood cells to transport oxygen to your hair follicles. If you are low in iron, you might notice your hair thinning or splitting. Keep adding those greens to your meals!



As well as a nut to curb those nasty hunger cravings in the middle of the day, Almonds are full of Vitamin E which is a fat-soluble vitamin used by your body to keep your scalps natural oils and minerals locked in. Vitamin E also helps support your lipid membranes to protect your hair.